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What is a Locator Reference and where can I find it?

A Locator Reference is ONLY issued when a Day 2 GREEN, Day 2 AMBER or Day 2 & Day 8 AMBER test kit is purchased. One reference is provided per traveller and is required to travel to the UK. The Locator Reference will begin with 5 letter and followed by 7 numbers.

This reference can be found at the bottom of your email confirmation.

If you have not received your email confirmation, please check your junk mail. If it is not in your junk mail it may be that the email address was entered incorrectly so, please contact our team and we will resend to the correct email. Please note our email response time is up to 48 hours.

If your locator reference does not meet the 5 letter 7 number requirement, please contact our team on enquiries@expertcovidtestinguk.com

How do I purchase a PCR COVID Test?

We offer three forms of purchase for PCR Testing;

1. Postal service – This is ordered online via our website. You will be required to enter your traveller details prior to purchase. Test kits are delivered via DHL. Please allow 1-3 working days for delivery.

2. On-site Testing (Unsupervised) – This is available to NHS staff ONLY. Customers are required to enter their details into the online submission form on the website. Once confirmation of appointment has been made with one of our team, you will be issued with a COUPON code and you can make payment online by entering your traveller details and then purchasing online using the coupon code.

3. Onsite Testing (Supervised) – We recommend this testing for URGENT Fit to Fly testing as results are available within a shorter time frame. Please see product page for Onsite NATIONWIDE testing for details

How do I purchase a Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) test?

These are purchase only ONLINE via our website either as a single test or within a travel package. See website for details.

How Do I Return My Test To The Lab?

All of our tests that require postal return to the laboratory come complete with a pre-paid returns envelope, simply package your test accordingly and drop it off at a Royal Mail priority post box, find your nearest post box here.

What do my results mean?

Positive: You are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Please ensure you immediately follow Government guidance and isolate yourself, along with the rest of your household.

Negative: You are not infected with the virus, but please continue to take sensible precautions.

Inconclusive: Typically a borderline positive/negative result, so you require retesting to achieve an accurate result.

Invalid: Occurs in 1-3% of samples. Typically, but not always, arises when insufficient human material is present on the swab sample.

Can I get a refund?

1. Cancelled Orders
Refunds can only be provided before a test kit has been shipped, however an admin fee of £20 will still apply for cancelled orders. Orders are shipped at 13:00 on the day of purchase or 13:00 the following day if ordered after 13:00. Therefore, any orders cancelled after these time frames will not be eligible for a refund.

2. Change of test type or travel details
We appreciate the guidelines for mandatory testing are changing frequently. If you require your test type or details of travel to be changed, you must contact our team and we can make these changes for you. An admin fee of £20 will be charged for any changes that require purchase of a new testing kit or reallocation of barcode and/or locator reference numbers.

3. Delayed Delivery
We will refund the cost of delivery where the delivery time exceeds 3 working days. We accept no liability for circumstances whereby delay is due to non-acceptance on attempted delivery.

4. Delayed Results
We will refund the cost of the testing for any results outside of the allotted time frame (72 hours from the time the laboratory receives your test). We accept no liability for Royal Mail delays in tests reaching the laboratory.

5. Lost/Damaged packages
No refunds are provided for lost or damaged packages. However, we will send replacement test kits where evidence of damage is provided.

6. Locator Reference Numbers / Purchase Receipts
We accept no responsibility for information that is entered incorrectly by the customer on our website. If you do not receive a receipt of purchase within 30 minutes of purchase, please contact the team and this will be investigated. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the information and details they provide are correct before submitting the online purchase forms.

What is Covid PCR Testing?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction, which allows our labs to amplify a smaller sample size to a large enough copy to be analysed efficiently. This specific testing method is the reason that COVID-19 PCR Testing is the primary method of screening.

PCR test Certificates can only be generated when a test has been received and analysed by our laboratory.

What is Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) testing?

Some countries are now accepting Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) testing for travel, please check the country you are travelling to see whether this is accepted before purchase.

Our Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) tests detect Corona Virus through a self-administered nasal swab and a certificate of result is provided within 30 minutes of uploading your result image.


What is Fit to Fly Testing?

The fit to fly Certificate is a letter of approval from an Accredited Healthcare Organisation, which is now a requirement prior to travel for the majority of airlines and destinations. Typically, airlines require evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result 72 hours prior to the flight and will not allow you to board without this.

Some countries require a full PCR test result prior to travel. However, some countries are now
accepting Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) Test certificates in replacement of the PCR test. Please check
the current guidelines on the government websites for your destination’s requirements.

What type of tests do we offer?

We offer two types of COVID testing;

1. PCR Testing
2. Lateral Flow (Rapid Antigen Testing)

Please see PCR and Lateral Flow (Rapid Antigen) FAQ’s for details on these products

I am returning from international travel, what test do I need?

When returning to the UK from a GREEN list country, you are required to take a test on or before day 2 of your arrival (arrival day is day 0). This test is called a “Day 2 test – Green Country” on our website.

When returning from an AMBER list country;

- If you have been FULLY vaccinated (x2 doses of the COVID vaccine), you are required to take a PCR test on or before day 2 of your arrival to the UK (arrival day is day 0). This is called “Day 2 test – AMBER country (fully vaccinated)” on our website.

- If you are not fully vaccinated (have not had 2 doses of the COVID vaccine) you are required to take a PCR test on day 2 of your arrival to the UK (arrival day is day 0), and a PCR test on day 8 of your arrival to the UK. You are also required to isolate on arrival to the UK for 10 days. This test is called “Day 2 and Day 8 Test-Amber Country” on our website

Do I need to provide all of my travel information on the website?

Yes, it is a legal requirement for us to gather all of your travellers information prior to issuing PCR testing kits. This is because we have to send this information to Public Health England on a daily basis.

Still Have A Question?

You can get in touch with our team via the contact information below, we always recommend checking out our FAQs above to save you time.