Onsite Unsupervised Testing - Warrington

We are offering a limited number of onsite unsupervised testing to NHS staff which includes Nurses, Paramedics & hospital pharmacists ONLY, please note your NHS ID card will be required upon collection.

Please request your desired time through the form on this page and a member of our team will get in touch to confirm.

Appointment bookings will be confirmed via email, our team aim to respond as quickly as possible but in busier periods this may take up to 72 hours.

Day 2 (PCR) 
Onsite Unsupervised self swab: £1.00
Day 2 (LF) 
Onsite Unsupervised self swab: £1.00
Day 2&8 (PCR) 
Onsite Unsupervised self swab: £1.00
Test To Release (PCR) 
Onsite Unsupervised self swab: £1.00
How it works...
Receive your appointment confirmation via email.

Arrive at our Warrington office.

Our staff with PPE will give you test kit.

Conduct your test, unsupervised, on our premises.

Follow the instructions to package your kit.

Drop kit off in the designated box (PCR tests only).

We will send your test to the laboratory.

Await Results.

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This service is currently suspended, awaiting DHSC approval
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On-site Unsupervised Testing - Warrington

Day 2 On-site Unsupervised self swab: £1.48
Day 2 & Day 8 On-site Unsupervised self swab: £1.48
Oakwood House, Taylor Business Park,
Risley, Croft, Warrington,WA3 6WP
How does the process work?
Please read the below information carefully on how to book an unsupervised on site Day 2 and/or Day 8 test.


Attend our site between the following times;
10:00am-12:00pm Monday-Friday

For the safety of both our staff & customers please wear a facemask when entering our building.

You will be given a code to allow you to purchase the reduced price on site tests. You are required to purchase your tests whilst on site to confirm your future appointment and obtain your locator reference number(s)

Please ensure you bring with you the following information for each traveller, please note the primary traveler must attend the booking appointment;

- Full Name of each traveller
- NHS number (if required)
- Date of Birth
- Home Address
- Contact Number
- Email Address
- Isolation Address
- Country you have travelled from
- Countries you have travelled through
- Flight Number
- Vessel Number
- Train Number
- Coach Number
- Departure Date
- Date of Arrival (to the UK)
- Passport Number
- Vaccination Status + Manufacturer

Our staff will provide you with appointment time(s) to return to take your unsupervised Day 2 and/or Day 8 test.

Staff will ensure your test kits are activated prior to your testing appointment.

You will need to be aware of what product you intend to purchase on arrival as we are unable to advise which products are required due to the frequently changing guidelines for individual countries. This information can be found on the government website.

Appointment Day

Staff will ensure your test kits are activated prior to your testing appointment.

When you arrive for your pre-booked appointment on or before Day 2/8, staff will greet you and give you your testing kits.

You will then be able to either take your tests in your vehicle or come in to the clinic to complete your testing unsupervised.

Post your test kits through the dedicated postal box on site and a courier will deliver to the laboratory same day.

You are NOT PERMITTED to take your tests away from the clinic and MUST take them ON-SITE. If you require a SAME DAY testing appointment, we are unable to offer this service.